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For over 36 years, Earthborne has been a reliable source for 24 hour heavy and medium duty hauling and towing needs. We offer professional towing and recovery services as well as local and long distance hauling.* Our operators are efficient and have safety in mind with every job they encounter. We can recover and tow mixer trucks, tri-axle dump trucks, cranes, tractor-trailers, and buses of all sizes.

*Special overweight/oversize permit hauling service available.

Call (215) 343-2000 for all your towing and hauling needs

Our Truck Fleet

  • 3 Heavy Duty Tandem Wreckers with Hydraulic Booms, Axle Lifts and H.D Wheel Lifts
  • 2 Single Axle Wreckers with Axle and Wheel Lifts
  • 2 Roll Backs
  • 3 Heavy-duty Service Trucks with Cranes and Welding Equipment
  • 3 Heavy-duty Road Tractors

Our Trailer Fleet

  • 35 Ton Detachable Low Boy Trailer
  • 50 Ton Detachable with Winch and Hydraulic Tail
  • Flatbed Trailers
  • Tag Trailers

Road Service/Tire Service

Having trouble on the road or at a jobsite? Earthborne has five service trucks equipped with air compressors, welders, torches, jump start generators, hydraulic power packs, and many other necessary tools to get your equipment back up and running in the field. We also offer 24-hour dispatch to our tire fleet customers. Earthborne has been providing emergency road service to our tire fleet customers and the major leasing and nationwide road assistance companies for over 36 years. Contact us today for more information regarding all your hauling and towing needs as well as how you can become an elite fleet customer too!